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... if you want to enter the halls of the Jomsborg! Only the strongest and the most honorable, the bravest and the swiftest, the brightest and the most cunning will I, Palnatoki, gather under the banner of the Jomsvikings. Grim punishment waits for anyone breaking our rules und no mercy will be given to our enemies.

(Saga of the Jomsvikings)

About us

Blošvķ­tnir means "those, who have seen the blood" or "those, who have witnessed the blood". Our goal is to fight. We are a brotherhood of fighters on the battlefields of the modern time. We are the JomsWIKINGER. We are Blošvķ­tnir! Since the beginning Thjodolfr's idea of a combat-league out of the fighters of the region that were already training together, was supported by Thormodhr and Meldric. We started a research about what background we could give such a brotherhood. In the beginning there were different ideas: "Ulfhednar", "Berserker", "Svinfylking" or "Jomswikinger". "Ulfhednar" existed already at that time as a group. We had no idea of where to get a bearskin. So the first two ideas were out already. So we concentrated on "Swinfylking" for a while. We heard rumours about a league of combat that maybe existed under that name. This was a wrong information as we soon found out. But still the name of the boarsnout in Old-Norse could have been used for a modern combat-league. But we couldn't find a single authentic viking age picture of a boar... So we skipped this one, too, because without an authentic symbol and without an authentic story behind it, it was simly not enough to go for. So, there was only one alternative left: "Die Jomswikinger".

It might sound like the disdained last possible solution, but instead of this we had a lot of respect for the difficult topic. "Die Jomswikinger" are only mentioned in the one saga named after them and in the song of the bishop Bjarni Kolbeinsson. But with the help of those two texts and the very much appreciated help of our friend Kurt Oertel we managed to bring some light into the somewhat dark story of the "Jomswikinger".

The brotherhood concentrates on free fights and battles and sometimes also on fightshows and stagecombat. All brothers stay members of their original groups and keep a close connection to home campfires. We are mercenaries, recruiting from all parts of the european early medieval time. Like in the saga. We do not have a strict hierarchy, all brothers have the same status. We have a jarl who is choosen by the Thing and of course the aspirants do not have a vote on the Things. We do not allow woman to be member of our brotherhood, but woman are welcome to training and fighting events. The commander in the field is not always the same person but everyone is trained in tactics, strategies and the abilities to command. All members are recocknizable by the pattern of our shield. The yellow stripes are carried only by full members. The raven banner in silver is also carried only by full members.

We are not elite warriors or heroes. We all have a normal life and try to act as fair and safe as possible, but still hard, on the battlefield. Anyone can become an aspirant (1 year) if the following terms are given:
  • 18 years or more
  • Basic knowledge and safety in our free fighting style
  • Authentic equipment
  • And the possibility to take part in our weekly training
Everyone is welcome to join us and to start his probationary year! If not all mentioned terms are fullfilled we are glad to help anybody who wants to join our combat-league "Die Jomswikinger / Blodhvitnir".

Our relation to the international Jomsvikings

First of all, we never ever thought to even get in touch in the beginning. So we did not really care about having the same name. As things progressed, of course we got in contact and we made friends. Not enough, some of us call each other brother nowadays. We campaign a lot together and we are official allied to the Brotherhood of Jomsvikings and we are a part of the army as a very close ally. We are proud to be where we are and we would like to send greetings to all our brothers and friends around the world!

Amon Amarth

All band members of Amon Amarth and the boss of Metal Blade Records, Michael Trengert, are honorable members of Blošvķtnir. We have been working together since the DVD recording show in Cologne 2005. The DVD that was recorded that day, the "Wrath of the Norsemen" was sold gold in the United states in August 2007. During the Summerbreeze Festival 2007 Johan, Frederic and Michael received their raven banner in silver. The other band members could not be there at that time and will get their banners later. We are glad that we met Amon Amarth as we had a lot of fun together as well as meanwhile a lot of success.



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